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Q&A: What is the Best Grooming Advice You've Received?

Every month, Groomer's Choice catches up with a member of our grooming community about their favorite products, tips and tricks and more.

We asked "What is the best piece of grooming advice you've received?" Here's what they said.

"That’s tough. What comes to mind still today that someone told me years ago in a seminar is: “Just do your best for today.”

The ever-changing circumstances dealing with live animals and so many factors taught me early on to understand it’s ok to not be perfect with every dog, every day. Just putting forth my best is what matters, and improving comes naturally." - Kristie Stewart

"Let the tools do the work." - Elly Linam

"Humanity over Vanity" - Miranda Alonzo

"Make sure that your pets are squeaky clean and thoroughly dried. Also, get yourself a good finishing comb!" - Brandy Fink

"Practice makes perfect!" - Lashonda Geffrard

"Not every groomer is cookie cutter. Find your groove and bloom in it! That is what makes this career one of the best." - Bethany Pate

"The bad days are going to make you question every decision you’ve ever made, but the good days will ground you and remind you why you love and do it." - Brianna Davis

"Expect the unexpected." - Breanna Salas

"The best grooming advice I’ve received was: The only way to win with a toxic client... is not to take them on at all! We all have a choice on whom we want to work with, client and groomer. Not all money is good money. Sometimes we aren't the right fit and vice versa." - Valerie Dela Pena

"Enjoy what you do. Because if you don’t, it just becomes another job." - Stacey Alourdas

"To continue my education." - Vivian Thornton

"Scissor with intention. Don’t just scissor willy-nilly. Purposefully scissor the hair, especially on faces. Simple, but so meaningful! Shout-out to Jilly (@jillymoochgrooms)." - Marci Wanta

"I have two ingrained in my mind. 1: A good groom starts with your prep work and in the tub. 2: Dogs and cats are energy readers. They will sense if you are stressed, calm or anxious and feed off those emotions." - Kelsey Walter

"Treat the animal as if it’s your own." - Tara Hanson

"Aside from being told to never expect a dog to stand still like a statue, the best advice was to know to take a break when a dog and me are just not on the same page. Sometimes a dog can seem naughty, but in reality, you just need to stop what you're doing and give yourself and the dog a small break. It's okay to walk away. - Jazmin Negrete

"Re-invest in yourself. Attend trade shows, try different tools and continue your education. Continuing your education by attending seminars is crucial to learning the tips and tricks to make your career flourish. Having the best tools for the job helps you work smarter and not harder." - Christina Shealy

"The best piece of grooming advice I have ever received is to always advocate for the dog's needs first, no matter what. I live by this." - Tiffany Zankovich

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