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Q&A: What is Your No. 1 Grooming Tip?

Groomer's Choice caught up with members of the dog grooming community and asked "What is your No. 1 grooming tip?" Here's what they said:

“Prep work MATTERS! (If you want the best finish possible!)” - Britney Mack

“Take mustaches shorter and bevel chins upward for a cute, neat face!” - Nick Petravich

“Take your time. Don’t work so fast accidents happen.” - MJ Stout

“Be humble.” - Wendy Murrary

“A proper and well done bath is the fundamental basis of grooming” - Luis Hernández

“Keep your mouth shut and don’t ‘try to get a closer look’ while expressing anal glands.” - Lauren

“Take your time. Don’t rush. Always put your best paw forward.” - Courtney

“Using [the right] products is just as important as tools. Use them in combination for the best results.” - Bone Appetit Kalamazoo

“Take your time and enjoy your job!” - Denise Queen

“Never compare yourself to others. We’re all in different stages. Inspiration only!” - Sophie Rebehn

“Prep work is key!” - Nellie Dunlap

“Take care of your body and mind. A good groom starts with you.” - Grooms by V

“Be patient with yourself and the dogs. And invest in yourself and your education.” - Malorie Davis

“Maintenance grooming goes a long way!! Ten minutes a day keeps the mats away!” - Bernard the Poodle

“Be patient with yourself. This industry is always evolving. You will never stop learning!” - Ashley Tilson

Prep work is the FOUNDATION of any groom. Be sure that dog is clean, flawlessly blow dried, brushed and coat conditioned. You cannot cut corners with prep work.” - Kristie Stewart

Always be willing to learn and support each other! We’re really all in this together. Also, the key to a great finish is in the prep work!” - Elly Linam

“Always continue education and keep an open mind.” - Miranda Alonzo

If you do not start off with a good base, your finished groom will not be as crisp as you would like. You have to start off with a clean and dry coat that is blown out straight to get an even clean finished groom.” - Brandy Fink

Treat the dogs the way you'd want your own dog(s) to be treated.” - Breanna Salas

“My top grooming tip is to always pay attention to what you are doing. Even being the most careful that you can be, you just never know what to expect from your pawfriends. One minute they are the sweetest, most well-behaved pet, and just like that, they can turn around and be the most reckless.” - Valerie Dela Pena

“Be patient, loving and understanding because for the most part, they don’t like the process.” - Stacey Alourdas


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