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Groomer Spotlight: Tara Hanson and D-Tails Pet Spa


Pictured Above: Tara Hanson, owner of D-Tails Pet Spa in Las Vegas bathes a client.

Groomers around the world inspire us. Their passion for pets and business consistently set the bar for the industry, which is why we'll be featuring stories from groomers like you. This month, we caught up with groomer Tara Hanson and D-Tails Pet Spa in Las Vegas.


GC: How long have you been grooming?

TH: I started my grooming journey at the age of 15. My love for animals has always been there as I’ve had a variety my entire life. I started with horses and doing barrel racing and then took that and did FFA, where I showed rabbits. I had always dreamed of having my own salon back then and now here I am - 34 years old and almost four years into owning my salon.



GC: Tell us about D-Tails Pet Spa.

TH: We started in March of 2017 with just me grooming and my husband as the receptionist. It was originally a self-serve dog wash, but we turned it into a full-service salon. Our motto is “It’s not just a haircut, it’s about the D-Tails.” We have three groomers, including myself, along with two bathers and my husband, Daniel, as the receptionist. We do anywhere from 20-35 dogs a day with a lot of them being Doodles!


GC: What is it like to have your own business?

TH: My goal is to make every animal that comes into my door feel as if they are at home. Spa day is a good day! I love learning who each dog is and getting to know them with their different personalities.


GC: Do you have a favorite breed to groom?

TH: I’d have to say years ago my favorite haircut to do was a Shih Tzu teddy bear head, but now I have an odd obsession with grooming Doodles of all kinds.


GC: What is your favorite part about your job? 

TH: My clients, both two-legged and four-legged. They are the best. Plus, I am forever learning in this industry, and every day is always different. I wouldn’t change it for the world.


GC: What is the best piece of grooming advice you’ve received?

TH: Treat the animal as if it’s your own.



GC: What are your go-to products and/or tools?

TH: My favorite demat spay is the Matt-X by Artero and also my deshedding rakes by Andis. Plus, I can’t live without my Shark Fin scissors.


GC: What would you say to someone interested in becoming a groomer?

TH: To have a passion for the animals has to always be first. It’s all about making the dogs feel and look good after a spa day.


GC: Anything else you want to add?

TH: When thinking about becoming a groomer or a salon owner, always keep in mind that this career isn’t about the money. It’s about being able to help an animal. The love and compassion you show these God-given creatures will fulfill you more than money ever can.

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