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Super Styling Sessions Q&A with Jay Scruggs and Sue Zecco

Super Styling Sessions

We recently caught up with Jay Scruggs and Sue Zecco about Super Styling Sessions.

Q: How do you describe Super Styling Sessions to those who haven't attended one?

A: SSS are a great, fun way to learn more about grooming all different breeds as well as mixed breeds. We cover tools, techniques, breed standards and so much more. Whether you are a new groomer or have been grooming a while, there is always more to learn. SSS is a way to up your game with two of the industries' leading groomers who have a fun way of teaching. 

Q: Why is it important for groomers to continue their education throughout their career?

A: One of the best things about this profession is that it keeps getting better. New tools, new techniques, new breeds of dogs, and styles keep changing. SSS will keep you up to date and informed on all you need to know to be competitive in an industry that keeps growing. Some states are working on licensing for groomers, so continued education will be very important.

Q: Tell us about SSStv. What led to the creation of the streaming network?
A: Jay and Sue began as GroomTeam USA competitive groomers. After retiring from competition they decided to team up and do one day seminars around the country. With the help of the Groomer's Choice team, SSS began and were an instant success. Jay and Sue's idea was to keep changing and presenting new breeds, tools and techniques, so if you see one, you'll want to see them all. They also have a great chemistry for working together and make every session as fun as they are informative.

After the first seminar, attendees were asking if we recorded any of our seminars because there was too much info to remember...the birth of SSS DVDs began.

As with grooming, times change and DVDs are becoming a thing of the past. After much research for the best, user-friendly way to have a streaming site, SSStv was born. Currently with over 1,200 videos in our library, groomers have access to all the popular breeds, techniques and tools and can view specific parts or entire videos anywhere, any time they need on their favorite tablet or phone.

Q: What is your number one advice you give new groomers? 
A: Sue's advice would be to never stop learning. If you continue to learn, you will enjoy your work so much more. "In my opinion you can avoid groomer burnout by continuing to learn and grow." Continued education is the difference between having a job and having a career. Be proud of what you do, not everyone is cut out for it, and always "pay it forward" - help those who come after you as you were helped when you began. Jay's advice, be passionate about your profession. Never stop learning and always try and help others in need.

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