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How to Tackle the De-shed

As featured in the Groomer's Choice VIG Magazine: Vol 1, Ed 1, Spring 2023 

As a mobile groomer, I cannot stand to have dog fur flying everywhere and sticking to every part of me and my equipment. Here are some things I do to help tackle the de-shedding process.

I do most of my de-shedding in the tub. The reason being is the coat releases the dead hair when shampooed, and it’s a lot easier of a clean-up process. 

Jay De-shed Webinar 2

First, I start with The Coat Handler Undercoat Control Deshedding Shampoo and really work it into the coat to penetrate the topcoat and get the skin clean. 

Once I have the dog lathered up and the shampoo is setting in, I take an Aaronco Rake Superior and start removing the undercoat or dead coat. The shampoo helps it release and the rake helps pull it out. You can also use a slicker, rubber brush or any of your favorite tools. With the coat being wet and shampooed, you don’t take any chance of damaging the healthy coat as compared to if you did the same process on a completely dry coat. So instead of having all the dead coat flying around your shop, you have it in wet clumps that are much easier to discard. 

Once I shampoo and rinse, I use The Coat Handler Undercoat Control Deshedding Conditioner. I work it into the coat really well then follow with a good rinse. 

Next, moving to my favorite tool, I use the K-9 II Dryer to remove any excess coat while drying. This force dryer is my favorite for drying any breed and any coat type. After that, I give the dog a good brushing and run a stainless-steel comb through the coat. 

I hope this approach helps speed up your de-shedding process. 

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